Our Story

Auntie Hanady's story begins during the late afternoons of Spring 2008, Auntie Hanady began her 'sweet' endeavor as she experimented baking the original New York style cheesecake alongside other classics such as chocolate chip cookies and blueberry muffins. The startling taste of her freshly baked goods always succeeded in leaving her friends and family craving for more. With determination to develop her products further and allow other people to share this mouth-watering experience, Auntie Hanady became motivated to establish her own distinguished shop in the...


Discover our Menu

Start off your day with the Yummiest breakfast in town, discover more than 20 Flavors of the Original American baked cheesecake, more than 7 flavors of the famous nutritious and delicious chewy cookies, more than 6 flavors of Muffins, the exclusively and proudly made by auntie Hanady's sporkits and the classic English cake.


 Auntie Hanady's is the first in the Middle East to master the true meaning of the original American baked cheesecake, working with the finest ingredients and the highest standards.